Jan 23,2024

The whole process of textile printing and dyeing processing technology

1) Original cloth preparation: Original cloth preparation includes original cloth inspection, cloth turning (batching, boxing, printing) and sewing heads. The purpose of raw fabric inspection is to check the quality of grey fabric, and find that problems can be solved in time. The inspection content includes physical indicators and appearance defects. The former includes the length, amplitude, weight, warp and weft yarn density and density, strength, etc

Jan 23,2024

Printing and dyeing process and production process automation

blank - sewing head - desizing - scouring - bleaching - impregnation and dyeing solution - steam evaporation curing - hot melt curing - slurry mixing - plate making - roller printing - high temperature evaporation - desizing - impregnation resin - baking - shaping.

Jun 10,2021

Two different dye liquor exchange methods for dyeing machine

The airflow color machine adopts the principle of air dynamics, which mainly uses the circulation of air instead of the effect of water to ensure that the fabric can carry out traction and cyclic move

Jun 08,2021

Several problems should be paid attention to in the process of color matching in cheese dyeing?

(1) The same type of dyes should be used when matching colors to facilitate the control of the dyeing process and the simplification of the process. (2) The dyeing properties of dyes such as directness, dyeing rate, dyeing fastness, etc. should be similar to facilitate the control of shade. Otherwise, the shade will be different after dyeing, and the shade will change due to the different degree of fading during post-processing or use. (3) The number of dyes for color matching should be as small as possible to facilitate the control of shade. (4) Master the principle of residual color. Residual color means that two colors have the characteristics of subtracting each other. For example, a blue with red light, if you think the red light is too heavy, you can add a small amount of red residual color (green dye) to reduce it. But it should be noted that the residual color principle is used to adjust the color light, only a small amount of adjustment, too much use will affect the color depth and vividness. When matching colors, when the affinity between the dyes and the dyeing rate are too different, the hue of the yarn will be different at different dyeing moments.

Jun 08,2021

Features of high-pressure and high-temperature dyeing machine

1. The fabric speed can reach 600m/min because of the equipped with a cloth lifting motor and variable frequency speed regulation, etc.; 2. The structural design method is adopted. The grey fabric can run at high speed under a low tension state, and it is also equipped with the impact point of the fabric, which can not only effectively ensure the order of the fabric in the entire dyeing vat. Stacking can also avoid the phenomenon of dyeing and folding, and improve the bulkiness and feel of the cloth; 3. The design of the anti-swirl baffle ensures that the dyed fabric will not turn around during the entire operation process, and ensures the uniformity of the entire coloring; 4. The nozzle used can be adjusted in the gap, and the cloth type can be adjusted at will according to the actual production situation, which can effectively achieve full-jet dyeing or half-jet dyeing; 5. The dyeing vat has an inner net design on the main body to ensure that it can maintain a smooth dyeing effect even when dyeing high-density fabrics; 6. It can be equipped with fully automatic simulated liquid feeding, as well as feeding and temperature control systems, which reduces the problem of poor dyeing tanks.

Jun 08,2021

Dyeing machine operating procedures

Dyeing machine operating procedures (1) All parts of machinery and equipment should be checked frequently, such as whether the fasteners are fastened or not. If there are any problems, they should be dealt with in time. (2) The fabrics should be sorted according to color, texture, etc., and should not be mixed together. (3) The amount of detergent should be moderate, too much or too little is not good. (4) When the water temperature reaches 70℃, the steam valve can be closed. (5) After the operation is completed, the power supply of the equipment should be cut off in order to be accidentally started.

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